We know that many of you value Hamilton's spelling by phoneme and grapheme functionality under Teacher Support for English, and we are glad that you have found it useful. However, this software is now outdated and beyond updating. So, with regret, we are closing that page on 21 June. Read more
Hamilton is looking for schools to host FREE Mastery training sessions. We are specifically seeking schools around Bournemouth, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Canterbury. As a bonus, Ruth will meet privately with senior teachers in your school before the session. Read more
Whether you are new to Hamilton or an old hand, there is still so very much to discover on our website. We know from talking to users that not everyone has found all of the materials that would help them in their classrooms. These might be maths Extra Support materials, Group Readers, or writing opportunities in science. Our welcome pages will help you explore. Read more
Do you ever need access to number squares? Number grids? Number lines? Landmarked lines? Fraction walls? If so, then have a look at the new Generic Maths Resources on Hamilton's Player site. You will find a mix of downloadable and interactive maths resources to support teaching specific concepts and skills in primary maths. Read more
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