Year 5 Autumn 1: Earth and Space - Space Presenters

Galileo Galilei needs your help to prove that the Earth moves round the sun; that the moon moves around the Earth; and that the seasons and day & night are all a consequence of these movements. He needs you to provide experimental evidence, not just current astrological thinking.

Hamilton’s science scheme provides children with a broad but comprehensive experience of primary science that systematically covers all of the National Curriculum for England objectives. Each year group is split into 6 blocks of 6 sessions, each of which can be completed within a half-term. We present them in a recommended teaching order, but you may adapt this to fit your requirements. Working scientifically, investigations and meaningful outcomes are fully incorporated in each block.

Friends and School Subscribers have access to some additional supporting material, including year and block overview documents, assessment grids and specially commissioned background science documents for Key Stage 2 subjects to give teachers added confidence and depth of knowledge as well as ideas for how to learn more.

Supporting documents for science
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01: Coming up with the intergalactic goods - developing scientific enquiry

You need to show Prof Cox that you have what it takes to be a great scientist. Explore his ‘space facts’ and come up with some great enquiry questions and processes.

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02: Planetary scales - modelling the solar system

Do you have what it takes to create a scale model of the solar system? Prof Cox has sent you through some fruit to substitute for your planets!

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03: The minor matter of how the solar system works

Can you build your own orrery to demonstrate how the solar system works? It’s time to decide what will make the final cut in your first Stargazing episode.

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04: Day and night - changing shadows

Can you demonstrate that the Earth spins on its own axis? Prof Cox is keen that you set up an investigation for this one, tracking the sun through shadows.

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05: Sundial designers and time zones detectives

Can you be a designer and a detective all in one session? You need to make a working sundial and interview people in different time zones around the world.

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06: A moon month

Can you implement some investigations to show why the moon appears to change shape throughout the month - you could also do some stargazing of your own!