Year 3 Summer 2: Plants - Artful Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

Step into the amazing, secret world of flowers. Discover their relationship with bees and other insects. Learn how flowers transform into fruits and seeds to perpetuate the cycle of life and use the inspiration to create some beautiful works of art. Stage your own stunning art exhibition of paintings, sculpture, collage and dance on the theme of Artful Flowers, Fruits and Seeds to delight your visitors.

Hamilton’s science scheme provides children with a broad but comprehensive experience of primary science that systematically covers all of the National Curriculum for England objectives. Each year group is split into 6 blocks of 6 sessions, each of which can be completed within a half-term. We present them in a recommended teaching order, but you may adapt this to fit your requirements. Working scientifically, investigations and meaningful outcomes are fully incorporated in each block.

Friends and School Subscribers have access to some additional supporting material, including year and block overview documents, assessment grids and specially commissioned background science documents for Key Stage 2 subjects to give teachers added confidence and depth of knowledge as well as ideas for how to learn more.

Supporting documents for science
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01: Flower power

Discover some amazing facts about flowers and make close observations of different flowers with magnifiers. Learn about the work of artist Georgia O’Keeffe and create some beautiful watercolour paintings from life and press flowers for a future project.

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02: More about flowers

Learn how insects and other creatures are important in the pollination of flowers. Discover the secrets of how bees communicate using a waggle dance and give it a go yourself. Create some stunning bee and flower models.

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03: Seeds in the making

Check out some real plant specimens to discover what happens to flowers after pollination. Make a beautiful illustrated zigzag book to explain how fruits develop from pollinated flowers.

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04: Explore Fruits

Explore the huge variety of different fruits – asking questions and making observational drawings and notes. Sort fruits according to your own criteria based on their similarities and differences.

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05: Seed dispersal

Begin to understand why fruits are so varied – to help with the dispersal of their seeds. Make your own paper seed and investigate wind dispersal by testing different versions to find the best flier.

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06: What an exhibition

Test your knowledge on flowers, fruits and seeds with a quiz. Then it will be time to make preparations for the Art Exhibition. Work on your own group project to delight visitors, perhaps a quiz, a dance, a puppet display, a competition or some interesting labels and explanations.