Year 2 Autumn 1: Animals Including Humans - Healthy Animals

Hatch eggs and study the life cycle of chickens. Build understanding that exercise makes the heart work harder and that it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Find out about healthy lunch box foods before designing and sharing your own snack.

Hamilton’s science scheme provides children with a broad but comprehensive experience of primary science that systematically covers all of the National Curriculum for England objectives. Each year group is split into 6 blocks of 6 sessions, each of which can be completed within a half-term. We present them in a recommended teaching order, but you may adapt this to fit your requirements. Working scientifically, investigations and meaningful outcomes are fully incorporated in each block.

Friends and School Subscribers have access to some additional supporting material, including year and block overview documents, key concept lists and assessment grids.

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01: Hatching eggs!

Using magnifying glasses, closely observe feathers and eggs and draw what you see. Consider the question: what do you think is inside an egg? Look after an incubator in the classroom and observe what happens to the eggs!

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02: Babies!

Invite visitors in who are pregnant or have very young children. Gather information by careful questioning. Make a timeline using photographs or cut out pictures of babies, young children, adults and elderly people.

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03: Stranded!

Create a desert island in the classroom! Imagine being stranded on the island. What would make you happy? What would your needs be? Send letters in bottles across the material sea, asking for essential provisions!

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04: Healthy hearts!

Feel your heart pumping before and after running in the playground and discover that exercise makes your heart pump harder and faster! Carousel around different physical activities, observe the effects and answer questions in pairs.

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05: Deep inside my lunch box

Look at lots of different lunch box foods and discuss which ones are healthy by checking the sugar and fat contents on the packaging. Design a mat to fit in the bottom of your lunchbox (or school plate) divided into the different food groups needed for healthy living.

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06: Pack a healthy picnic!

Invite another class to join you on a healthy picnic in the school grounds.  Make healthy snacks before you set off and share all that you have learned about what makes a well balanced healthy lunch box.