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Key Stage 3 Numeracy

Do your Year 7 or Year 8 students struggle with numeracy fluency? Does lack of numeracy hold them back from fulfilling their potential in Key Stage 3 mathematics? If so, try Hamilton's new Key Stage 3 Numeracy materials for students who are below, around or above age related expectations.

Below ARE

Some students do not come to secondary school with the numeracy they require to progress to the Key Stage 3 curriculum. Hamilton has designed a programme of materials to help secondary teachers teach those primary numeracy skills with the aim of enabling those students to be able to access the secondary curriculum.

Year 7 Below ARE | Year 8 Below ARE

Around ARE

Overwhelming evidence indicates that numerical fluency declines sharply from Y7 to Y11. Although many students enter secondary school at or nearly at age-related expectations, there is little ongoing opportunity for them to revise or even use their numerical skills. Calculators are the norm, even in maths lessons. This demise of numerical fluency inevitably affects students' life skills and test results, before and at GCSE.

It does not have to be this way!

Year 7 Around ARE | Year 8 Around ARE

Above ARE

Even numerate students experience a sharp decline in numerical fluency from Y7 to Y11 and can benefit from the regular practice provided by Hamilton's new materials. In addition, we have devised a special suite of problem-solving numeracy investigations that give students a numerical grounding for understanding algebra while helping them develop numeracy confidence and meta skills. Students can learn resilience and tactics for approaching mathematical problem solving at the same time as they cover the whole of the algebra content for Key Stage 3.

Year 7 Above ARE | Year 8 Above ARE


Tried and Tested

Hamilton Trust is a UK charity working to support inspirational teaching and learning. The Trust was founded in 1988 with the aim of developing and supporting children's education.

Hamilton's Key Stage 3 Numeracy activities are the result of a three-year longitudinal study examining the success of these activities in assisting the teaching and learning of numeracy at Key Stage 3. As a result of the study we have redeveloped those materials and added to them. We now also have in-depth support for the numeracy skills of the lower-achieving body of KS3 students and a ground-breaking set of materials for teaching KS3 algebra through numeracy-based investigative problem solving.