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DATES FOR AUTUMN Mastery, Pedagogy and Blocking Seminars

Hamilton announce dates for Professor Ruth Merttens' Mastery, Pedagogy and Blocking training seminars in the Autumn Term in Kent and Knaresborough. In this new session Ruth offers practical solutions to these questions:  What is pedagogy for Mastery? Is a Blocked Curriculum essential for Mastery? What are the upsides and downsides? and much, much more.

DfE, through its various agencies, is currently promoting two things: the Shanghai maths pedagogy and the use of a blocked, as opposed to a spiral, curriculum. We need, as professionals, to inspect these prescriptions. 

What type of pedagogy is ideal for Mastery? DfE argue that Shanghai mathematics does not consist purely of rote learning and drill. So if the debate is not between ‘teaching for understanding’ versus ‘rote-learning’, what is the real argument? Exactly what does ‘teaching for understanding’ mean in the UK context?

What are the advantages and (largely hidden) disadvantages of the much-vaunted ‘Blocked curriculum’? How may downsides be overcome or minimised to enable such a curriculum to work in an English context?

There are sessions taking place throughout November:

  • The Orpington session will take place at Poverest Primary School, Orpington (BR5 2JD) on Tuesday 20th November at 4.15 - 5.45pm; arrival and refreshments from 4.00pm. Book your place.
  • The Knaresborough session will take place at Knaresborough St John's Church of England Primary School,  (HG5 0JN) on Thursday 29th November at 4.00 - 5.30pm; arrival and refreshments from 3.45pm. Book your place.
  • COMING SOON in Spring 2019 Broadstairs, Kent.  Details to be confirmed.

The session is of immediate interest to all primary teachers and particularly primary maths co-ordinators or those in senior management positions. It is FREE and open to all teachers. It is essential to book a place and spaces are available on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis.  

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