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NEW Flexible English Blocks

Hamilton's Flexible English Blocks

Hamilton’s new flexible maths blocks allow you to tailor your teaching to suit the specific needs of your class.
Now we have the same for ENGLISH.
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WOW! Imagine using plans that help to …

Choose a text you love or a genre you need to cover. Perhaps you have always loved Michael Foreman or Anthony Browne, Michael Morpurgo or Judith Kerr. Maybe you are excited about a book you’ve not seen before. Or, perhaps your children need to do explanations this term. Whatever your preference, you can select an appropriate block, and, within that, decide which units to teach. 
Select your focus for the next few days. Do you want to focus on SPAG or comprehension or perhaps have a week of extended writing? Identify the relevant unit(s), and you will have all the required teaching and materials.
Save Your Sundays. Hamilton prides itself on saving teachers’ time.  And the new English does just that! We provide all you need (other than the book if there is one). Superb resources, from vibrant images to writing templates, grammar exercises and comprehension papers are all included. The tailored PowerPoint presentations structure the teaching of grammar/punctuation and we even highlight useful specifics of outside websites. These new materials can save literally hours of PPA time!

Other advantages:

SPAG teaching is linked both to the understanding of a text and also to the children’s extended writing.  Whilst we are firm believers in dedicated SPAG teaching along with matching exercises, there is nothing better than using and applying a particular grammar or punctuation focus in children’s own writing for helping them remember it. In this way, SPAG concepts and terms become embedded in children’s understanding and not mere extras likely to be forgotten when the focus moves on.
A balance is sustained. English teaching needs to encompass both the secretarial aspects of English – decoding and encoding, handwriting, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. – with the semiotic or meaning-making aspects, where children share and engage with a rich variety of books, poems and text types. We take great pains to include both aspects in each block, and clearly signal each unit within this to enable you to balance the offering to suit the specific needs of your class.
A selection of Autumn Term Blocks is currently available on Hamilton's website and many more will be available by the end of August. Spring Term plans will appear over the course of Autumn. We shall be doing mixed-age plans as soon as the single age blocks and units are all available. Long term, medium term plans and coverage charts will follow soon.