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Flexible English Blocks Coming Soon

Do you like to do ‘your own thing’ when teaching English?

Are you anxious to target areas or skills needed by your class?

Starting in June, Hamilton will be publishing flexible English blocks to give teachers more control of the balance between different aspects of English teaching. Each text or set of texts will have separate, but related, units focussing on SPAG, Reading, Comprehension, Composition or Extended Writing. You choose your focus!

Tailor your teaching

New flexible blocks will put the teacher firmly in control of not only the subject matter, but also the skills focused on and the time spent. Blocks are broken down into units, each of which addresses an area of English: SPAG, Reading, Comprehension, Composition or Extended Writing.

The whole block coalesces around a powerful text or texts, which are used to ensure that children engage in significant interactions and are able to develop higher-level literacy skills as well as understanding grammatical, punctuation and word-level concepts within a meaningful context. The text also allows grammatical skills and punctuation to be embedded in a robust understanding of language rather than simply shuffled into short-term memory as question and answer exercises. 

Each aspect of teaching English, including SPAG, reading comprehension and extended writing, will be visible, enabling teachers to select units to follow their personal preferences. In each block, you can take a comprehensive approach, focussing on all aspects of English in relation to that text, or you can target specific areas of the English curriculum or particular skills required by your class. 

Hamilton's new English Blocks represent a genuinely innovative way of providing everything that teachers need for effective teaching alongside stimulating materials to engender lasting learning. They will Save Your Sundays whilst allowing a great deal of opportunity to make individual choices suited to your class' needs and your own inclinations.