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Play ‘Keepy-uppy’ with Extra Support activities


Do you have children in your class that are not able to do the activities for children ‘Working towards ARE’? Or maybe they can do the activities in some lessons, but not others. They might be awesome at shape, but really struggle with calculation. But you’re told you’ve got to keep the class together, right?

Well, Hamilton Trust have just what you need. Extra Support activities.

We’ve looked at what is crucial in the teaching, put our heads together to think what prerequisite skills children might be lacking and planned two activities around those. Each activity has some simple bullet-pointed teaching, and then some fun practice. They can be led by a TA with a small group of children. There is always a s-t-r-e-t-c-h, just to see if children can get that little bit closer to the main objective for the class.

Some schools have used these before the lessons on the same topic, as pre-teaching – that way, when you teach the lesson, the children are already tuned in, and know the vocabulary you are going to us. Maybe you will even see some smiles as they think, ‘I can do this!’

Remember, these activities are planned with the main class objective in mind, so can help you to keep the class on track. Used consistently, this Extra Support can help those struggling children to make real progress and gain confidence.

So, have a look for yourself. If you are using Hamilton's new flexible or short blocks, click on the Extra Support download button for the unit you are teaching.

If you are using Hamilton's weekly plans, the Extra Support can be found in the left hand navigation on any year group's maths pages.

Here's what a Y3/4 teacher in Norwich had to say about Hamilton's Extra Support materials:

'I can't thank you enough for these. We need to prepare Progression Plans for PP or LA children and the old DfE materials were not accessible for Teaching Assistants without time and explanation from us. I can only feel these will be not only time-saving for teachers, but great fun learning opportunities.'

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